About The Designer

Michael Dzura was born and raised in Toronto, and attended Don Mills Collegiate before moving on to receive a diploma in Computer Programming from Seneca College. Moving out on his own in 2012, Michael has been living at Tobias House since 2014 where he continues to pursue his passion for technology and has developed a wealth of knowledge in various areas including C/C++ and Java. An avid gamer, his top 5 all-time favourite PC games are Half Life 2, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead, Command and Conquer, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Michael is fond of Kraft Dinner and savours eating chicken. If you require his assistance with a project, bring him an A&W Chubby Chicken Burger and he will probably say ‘Yes’!

Feel free to follow Michael and his personal projects online at michaeldzura.com